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Frequently Asked Question about HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff

Q: My “Health” Score seems rather low, even though my site contains few identified accessibility issues.

A: There is some controversy regarding the algorithm for computing the “Health” score.  We recommend the following for evaluating the health of your site.

  1. While on the Scan screen click on the “Completed” status for a scan.
  2. Click “Show Results”
  3. Modify your report settings.
    1. Click “Chart Types” in the left-hand column.
    2. Select the "Result metrics" chart type and Show as "Pie chart"
    3. Optionally you can see the progress over time by selecting Show as "Bar chart" and X-axis "Time".

Q: How can I prevent certain pages or file types from being scanned?

A: In the scan setup, you’ll find “Include URL’s Matching” and an “Exclude URL’s matching” options.  Use these two fields to configure and restrict the scan of your site.  These do options use regular expressions.

For example, Enter \.xml$ in the Exclude URL’s Matching field to exclude all URLs that end with .xml from a scan.

Q: How do I determine the contrast and color difference scores for text and images?

A: For analyzing text, try the Foreground/Background Color Contrast Analyzer.

For analyzing images, try one of the following: